These instructions apply to our meetings on the third Monday of each month, at 7 PM Pacific Time, through the end of 2020. Other meetings can be joined by similar means as described below, except that the particular links, numbers, and passcodes will be different.

Preferred Method of Joining Our Online Monthly Meetings.

The preferred method of joining the sVMUG monthly meeting via WebEx is to open this link in your web browser, a few minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting.

For your convenience, this button opens the above link for you.

This should start the native Cisco WebEx Meeting application on your device, e.g. your iPhone or iPad or iMac.

When the application is open, just click the "Join Meeting" button.


Alternative Methods

An alternative method to join the meeting is to open the Cisco WebEx Meeting application directly and provide the meeting number and password. These are as follows.

Meeting number: 294 304 225
Password: snHzD3p8XA3

You may also open an ausio only connection by dialing this phone number. Bear in mind this can be a toll call outside of the 408 area code.

+1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
See the list of additional numbers for other area codes, shown at the end of this text.

When prompted, you will enter the meeting number and a numerical passcode.

Meeting number: 126 213 4510
Password: aYDaG3Vji57 (29324385 from phones and video systems)

Tip: if your computer system does not have provision for audio, you can use it to view the video presentation, and use a phone connection to participate in the audio discussion. But you will lack many features, such as the chat box and hand raising.

Finally, if you happen to have access to a Cisco WebEx Dedicated video conferencing system, as many corporations have, and you have permission to use it, you amy join using that system.

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.


Additional Phone Numbers that may save you toll charges if you are using the telephone.

United States Toll +1-408-418-9388
United States Toll (Boston) +1-617-315-0704
United States Toll (Chicago) +1-312-535-8110
United States Toll (Dallas) +1-469-210-7159
United States Toll (Denver) +1-720-650-7664
United States Toll (Jacksonville) +1-904-900-2303
United States Toll (Los Angeles) +1-213-306-3065
United States Toll (New York City) +1-646-992-2010
United States Toll (Phoenix) +1-602-666-0783
United States Toll (Seattle) +1-206-207-1700
United States Toll (Washington D.C.)