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The Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group, SVMUG, is one of the most long running groups for persons interested in the Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and other Apple products. Our focus is on the user experience, however we also discuss a wide range of related technological and social topics.

SVMUG meets once each month, at 7:00 PM Pacific time, on the third* Monday of the month. Meetings are held on the grounds of Google Corporate Headquarters, in Mountain View, California. A downloadable form for submitting questions to our Q&A session is provided in the "files" area of this web site.

*Meetings in the months of January and February are exceptions to our "third Monday" rule. The meetings in January and February are held on the fourth Monday of the month.

Please view the announcements including information on our next meeting. (The meeting information is usually updated the week before the meeting.)

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Diller Conference Room
Google Building LMK2
1881 Landings Drive
Mountain View, California

Our meetings include a discussion of current news, a main presentation, an open source presentation, and a question and answers session.

You may also view notes from many of our previous meetings.