Online Meetings

We are holding our meetings as an online Zoom session. Please contact our webmaster, at, to discuss the Zoom arrangement. Connection information may read at

Guest presentions generally started at 7:30 PM Pacific time, and run for 45 minutes. Longer and shorter presentations can be accomodated.

We usually video record guest presentations, with the intent of preparing a version for our YouTube channel . If you prefer that we not record the presentation, or if you have requirements about deleting specific parts of the presentation (for example , suppressing discount offers and codes), please let the webmaster know prior to meeting. We provide presenters with a link so they may review the video prior to publication -- we do not publicly post the video until we receive permission from the presenter. Please let us know about the public posting permission as promptly as possible. If post-meeting, you discover a problem, we will of course take down or revise the video upon request. We will also provide you with a copy of the raw or edited video should you wish to use it in your own podcast or media channel. Our version of the video will have bookend titles for SVMUG in our edited version, some internal titling, and an SVMUG watermark. The copy sent to you will not have the bookends or the watermark.

Video Quality

Regretfully, the video quality as produced by the Zoom (or other online meeting services) is poor. The service restrict the bit rate to about 500 Kbps. While we do upscale the video to 1K for the purpose of publishing on YouTube on the SVMUG channel, the presentation is still basic SD quality. For this reason, if possible, we encourage presenters to send us slide shows, graphics, video clips, that can be directly inserted into the video. This allows a superior presentation. For a screen based presentation, you may use the built-in screen recorder for MacOS or Quicktime, or other means if you are not using a Mac computer. If you are using a slideshow, e.g. Keynote or Powerpoint, you can help us by sending the presentation file to us prior to the meeting. If the presentation is just a live view of yourself, making a local recording in parallel with the Zoom stream will enable a better video production. Recording via the Zoom client is not recommended.